Why Bother, (Right?): A Writer’s Creed

Why write?  Well why bother, right?  Is it alright to just not WRITE?  When compared to thought and speech, it almost makes writing seem elite.  Now, if it were alright to ignore what may seem like a bore, there would be no hard-wood floor for the world to rest on.  Furthermore, there would be no door, to open up, pore, and explore the endless combinations of written language.  Writing gives us a physical, tangible, concrete method of language that we can touch.  Something that thought and speech cannot trust.  Without writing, we might as well all be dust.

A message someone living in Alphabet City, Manhattan felt they needed to share with the world.

One thought to “Why Bother, (Right?): A Writer’s Creed”

  1. I just read this for like the 10th time and I decided I have to comment on it. First of all the rhyming. is absolutely fantastic. Rather than reading like a limerick or other rather pedestrian poem, the rhyme is smooth and polished, not forced or awkward. Also your last line was incredibly powerful and moving. I was just really impressed with how this all came together and I applaud your creativity, sir.

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