Why Write?

Write because YOU’RE BRAVE.

Write to BRAVE the WORLD around you.

Write to shrink the WORLD when you FEEL too much.

Write to mold what you FEEL into the perfect WORDS.

Write because putting WORDS together makes STORIES.

Write because STORIES may be more BEAUTIFUL than words.

Write because all BEAUTIFUL things deserved to be PRESERVED.

Write to reveal yourself, to PRESERVE yourself— every single version of you.

Write to fall in love, to fall asleep, to climb the tallest trees, and to climb MOUNTAINS.

Write to retell, to relive, to remember, to craft and to create an ADVENTURE .

Write because you might forget the ADVENTURE that YESTERDAY was.

Write because YESTERDAY might not make any SENSE if you don’t.

Write because SENSE is overrated, because you THINK too much.

Write to THINK about the WORLD around you,

Write to EXPERIENCE the WORLD around you,

Write to LOVE the WORLD around you,

Write because YOU LOVE.

Write just because. 

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