The Purpose of Repurposing

Despite having taken a variety of English, Communications, Screen Arts and Sociology classes at U of M, I found myself with not much of a portfolio to choose from for the repurposing project. Most of the work I wrote was reflective, or research based, so it wouldn’t make for the most creative work. It was my outside work, however, that I have taken a real interest in repurposing.

My first choice was to repurpose one of my advice or blog posts for The site serves as a guidebook for college aged girls, and I thought it might be good to expand upon one and turn it into a full fledged article, as the posts tend to be short. While I liked the idea, I realized that there might not be much creative space there.

My second choice was to repurpose a chapter of one of the books I have written. As I am currently in the throws of the editing process, I am constantly finding myself wanting to add, erase and rewrite various sections. Sometimes I hand it off to others to look at for me, because I think I can get a bit too critical of myself, so I thought that taking a chapter of it would be a good way to expand and perfect it, while looking at it from a different perspective. I decided upon using one of the first chapters of the first book in order to build upon the base that sets up the next three. I see it becoming a script, or eventually a video or even being changed into a series of smaller journals. Although I know it will be difficult to be working on something that I have already been working on for months, I think in the end it will be the best choice for the project, and my in class group seemed to agree! I’m excited to take it through the process and to see how it all works out.

2 thoughts to “The Purpose of Repurposing”

  1. Hey Elizabeth,

    I totally understand your struggles with wanting to find something to re-purpose that could foster enough creativity. It’s so hard choosing from a pile of strictly academic essays that were probably torture to write, and then having any interest in revisiting and revamping them.

    Also-that’s extremely cool you write for and also have started to write books-major props on finding the time and skill to do this! I don’t know what they are about, but I think that taking a chapter from one of your books is a super unique idea for this project because it’s both something you can get personally close to, but also take in so many directions. Maybe you could even incorporate this into the final book as a funky new perspective, since it is the first chapter. Good luck!

  2. I think that’s an awesome idea (but also cool for the sole reason that you’re currently writing a book)! I find it so hard to take something I’ve put so much energy into, and then suddenly changing the genre completely. So kudos to you for taking the initiative to dive in! I like the idea of a script because a script still allows you to tell a story in a similar way a book does. I don’t know if I missed a certain part of this piece, but what is your book about? I’m curious to know! I also may be able to help a little more with some more context. But I definitely like the idea!

    Good luck! Can’t wait to see the outcome.

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