A Million Ways to Die in the West

Seth MacFalene, better known as the creator of Family Guy, is coming out with a novel. The novel is called A Million Ways to Die in the West and it is an early glimpse to the movie he has coming out only a few months later. Entertainment Weekly discusses how rare it is for a novelists to turn their novels into movies let alone for a screenwriter to novelize his script right before the movie comes out. I guess that’s just Seth MacFarlene for ya. The book is to come out in March and the movie in May. It is about a sheep farmer who is tired of the American frontier life and how everything and anything can kill you including snakes, the outhouse, and the infected water. There are so many ways to die so he will try to avoid them only to get himself in a worse situation.

I guess this affects understanding of my project by helping me realize it’s okay to be unique and different. The message I get from what Seth is doing, is that it’s okay to do what you want even if it is rare. It gives kind of like a dare to be different message. It’s also cool how he is representing his script in two different medias to reach out to more people, it’s almost like you will get my story one way or another. In a way this is similar to my own project because I will have the story on video as well as in writing, basically.



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  1. I’m actually really excited about this movie! I think Family Guy is hilarious, and it will be interesting to see a writer who is used to the television medium explore other ways of creative expression. This example confirms my belief in the value of exploring alternative methods of creation (websites, video, photo essay, etc.).

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