a personal tale

The re-purposing project has given me much anxiety to date because I am hesitant to commit to one work which will be receiving so much manipulation. Much of the writing I’ve done in the past does not warrant itself to such worthiness of being used as a re-purposing piece. That being said, I have narrowed down my choices to a few works for which I will be able to commit to passionately. I wanted to re-purpose a creative writing piece I wrote about a college freshman girl who blacks out one night even though she has no history of drinking and really couldn’t understand why it had to happen to her. I was inspired by the idea of what happens when we don’t remember and how we come to terms with that if we can’t piece it together or don’t have anyone to tell us what we do when blacked out.

To re-purpose, I wanted to turn this third-person story loosely based on my own personal experience into a personal narrative that actually recounts what happened and seeks to discover how and why I came to that point. It’s a fairly difficult topic for me to talk about, let alone write about, but I feel as though the topic warrants plenty of self-reflection and discovery that I can accomplish through my writing.

I am nervous to dig deep into the underlying causes of the two blackouts that have plagued my life so far. Some college students black out and thinking nothing of it, or do it so often they’ve become desensitized and don’t realize the gravity of their actions until something really bad happens. Was I a victim of college culture and circumstance or was college culture a victim of me? Both situations no one forced me to drink, I did it all on my own accord in an effort to loosen up. Both times I took it too far and both times could have easily been prevented if I chose to take myself more responsibly.

Through re-purposing this highly emotional piece, I wanted to be able to express how I’ve learned from those bad nights and am not afraid to talk about them. I’m not sure exactly which outside resources I will be using to contribute to the success of the piece. However, as far as a publication venue where my re-purposed piece could be useful for, I was thinking of a Viewpoint in the Michigan Daily, or another website which college students frequently visit.

I’m interested to see if I’ll be able to pull through this process of self-reflection to the end. Also, I am eager to hear of my peers’ and other reactions to my writing about it and choosing to disclose such personal and, really, traumatic information. I often write on the safe side of things but want to use this project as an opportunity to experiment writing with controversy, or at least on a topic that isn’t as rosy as I would hope. I’ll see where it takes me, and if in the original stages of the process I feel as though I can’t make it through to the re-mediation stage and endure countless edits, will be forced to reconsider a different topic.


Gabriella Ring

Gabriella is a junior majoring in International Studies. She has traveled abroad extensively and hopes to work in the cruise industry after graduation.

2 thoughts to “a personal tale”

  1. Gabriella,

    As we discussed in glass, I think that this is going to be a great piece. You express some of the personal challenges you face in terms of writing this down for the first time, but I think that is exactly what we are all here to do — to capture a piece if not all of ourselves in written words. My English 125 teacher would tell you with strong emphasis that this is something that needs to be written. Sharing your experience will ultimately be a release for you and a strong statement to your targeted audience.

    I am excited to see how this goes for you, and to help if needed along the way!

  2. Hey Gabriella,

    I think this is going to be a phenomenal piece. I know it will probably be hard to write because of the weight of the topic, but it’s important to get it out there. I love your idea of making this a personal narrative because it adds that much more emotion to this piece. I suppose for your outside research you could maybe talk about things you looked up online (if you did) like similar stories or ways that you coped with everything- that way you could just weave them into your narrative and make it more natural.

    This is going to turn out great! Best of luck!

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