An Assignment, and an Audience, Unlike Any Before

One of the most daunting tasks with the e-portfolio assignment, besides the actual work of the assignment itself, is that fact that theoretically it’ll be the largest, widest spanning audience I’ve had to write for, especially given the way in which it is presented as a whole.  After talking in class today however, I thought the biggest takeaway I had was helping me develop a better idea of the kind of audience I want to focus this blog towards.  I thought the most effective ones were the kinds that kept a more formal voice and tone that, that was able to appeal to a more peer-based audience.  Typically I’ve really catered to my audience when writing, but that audience has never been my peers.  I’ve always taken a more formal approach to writing, and when writing my papers I’ve always focused on how the professor or GSI or whoever was grading the assignment would take it, and I want to take this opportunity to really make an attempt to make an e-portfolio that has more of an appeal to my peers.  I think finding a healthy medium of a formal voice that can appeal to a wider audience, but still one that is able to keep my peers specifically focused and interested in on my work, will be the main focus of mine when considering what kind of audience I want to approach and attempt to write for.

I think a big part of this appeal and how I hope to gain it will be done through the visual aspect of the portfolio.  I noticed how quickly I could gain and or lose interest in a portfolio.  There was a fine line between ones that were overwhelming in terms of visual appeal, and some that





2 thoughts to “An Assignment, and an Audience, Unlike Any Before”

  1. Hi Max!

    Definitely can relate to your thoughts here! It can be really difficult tailoring to an audience, particularly an audience of peers. It’ll be a challenge!

    I think you are on to something with the idea of adjusting your tone and the visual aspects. Another thing you may want to really focus on is incorporating multi-media. To me, things like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube memes and buzzfeed are HUGE for our generation of peers. You can include more of these aspects, which would not only make it more applicable to our peers, but also more interesting and engaging.

  2. Max,
    I agree that having peers as an audience is very challenging. I found this really interesting because you would think that it would actually be easier for us to do this, as we know what our peers enjoy. But being college students, we need to keep their attention but make it formal enough for them to take seriously.
    I have also found it difficult because I don’t know what I will want to use the e portfolio for in the future. I don’t know if you have run into this issue, but I have been thinking a lot about whether or not I would like to use it when applying to internships later on. This makes it even more difficult to come up with a happy medium between professional and entertaining.
    It will be a challenge! Good luck!

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