Capstone Project #RayRay

Hello everyone! I’m dedicating my first blog post to generating some ideas for my Capstone final project proposal. As we discussed in class, the proposal must consist of 4 parts.

1) The first part is the proposal in which we clarify what we are going to do.

2) The second part is when we justify our proposal and explain why the reader should care. There are a few different strategies that a writer can use to effectively justify the proposal. The first is the puzzle of the paradox, which presents an intellectually riveting essay because of the structure. Another good strategy is to introduce a problem or a paradox. Finally, one could also use a genealogy, which is a whole host of ideas that you draw a relationship between.

3) The third part is a reading & model list- We will list the things the sources that we’ll turn to when researching our topic. We’ll also consider the categories and structure of our work.

4) Finally, we’ll make a grading rubric so that the reader has clear standards about how to evaluate our work.

Last but not least, it will be helpful to make a production plan/work schedule.

Good luck!

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