I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead


As a procrastinator and someone who is easily bored, I prefer to be busy. I don’t usually like to have too much free time to sit around, although I can appreciate the occasional free day with nothing to do but lay in bed and watch Netflix. But I get bored with too much free time and I like to be around people. I like having commitments, responsibilities, events, appointments. I have found that in my past couple of semesters I’ve had far too much time to just sit around. This only leads me to procrastinate on schoolwork more because I think, “Oh, I have TONS of time to get that done!” and in reality, I do. But I’ll still wait until the last minute.

So this semester I decided it was time to get more involved. Along with my four classes, I work two days a week at Insomnia Cookies, working into the wee hours of the night. Shifts that don’t end until 3am and classes that start at 9am adds another task into my routine – naps. I can hardly make it through the day without one. Then, add in two hours per week of volunteering at the Humane Society, and two days a week of a workout club I joined. Sprinkle in some basketball season tickets here and there and you’ve got a pretty full schedule. I will always make time to go out with my friends on weekends, so chalk up that as another part of my weekly schedule. All of this basically leads to: when I have an assignment, I have to get it done ASAP.

Sometimes a busy schedule gets stressful when you just feel like there is too much to do and not nearly enough hours of the day, but running around doing errands, attending meetings and doing work honestly just makes me feel like a more productive person, and I really value that. I even thought about joining another club but I might have to hold off on that for now… And then comes summertime when I enroll in summer classes and also take on a second job… I guess I can sleep when I’m dead.

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