JCO Masters “Less is More”

JCO Mastering the "Less is More" look in real life.
JCO Mastering the “Less is More” look in real life.

There is a special place reserved in heaven for people who can convey impactful messages in just 101 short words. Joyce Carol Oates is one of those people.

Her piece, My Faith as a Writer, eloquently summarizes her core beliefs about writing in 12 quick lines. The piece zips past you speedier than you’d think, and it is over almost as soon as it began.

Brevity; Conciseness; Succinctness; Compact; Economy of language.

I may be alone here since this is a community of people who love everything about the written word, but I prefer any of the above adjectives to the flowery, verbose language that I’m used to reading for class. It takes great skill to masterfully edit work down to its bare bones and include only what’s necessary to get the message across. I have respect for Joyce Carol Oates; she says what she needs to and not a letter more.

So, I will treat this post in a similar fashion and model it after My Faith as a Writer. JCO fan out.

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