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I really enjoyed being able to listen to Maria speak yesterday. Maria teaches American Culture and Women’s Studies here at the University of Michigan. ¬†She is a women’s activist, a subject that she is very passionate about. ¬†Working towards something that you are passionate about is the biggest connection that I made with Maria’s insightful words. At one point she said something along the lines of, “I don’t get how someone can write a 400 page book about something that they’re not passionate about. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.” This was awesome and refreshing to hear. If I’m going to devote a lot of time, energy, and resources towards something, I would really hope that it is for something that I genuinely believe in and enjoy working on. If it isn’t, then why bother?

Throughout college, I have had both the fortune and misfortune of being involved in assignments that I have loved working on and wanted absolutely nothing to do with. I have always found that I have produced far superior work when it has been on a topic that I’m truly invested in. This is why I’m really looking forward to putting together my final project. It is on a topic that I am emotionally invested in: summer camp.

While this sort of insight from Maria may have been generic, it is still something that I really appreciated hearing, and I think it is really important to be mindful of. For everyone else that will soon be getting started on their projects, I hope you are able to approach it from an angle that is particularly meaningful to you. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and take a unique approach that you feel strongly about.

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  1. Benji,

    Well put. Plus, one of the things we both mentioned as we walked into that discussion was that neither one of us are that interested in the Women Studies projects that Professor Cotera is involved in. However, because she is so passionate about what she does and what she writes about, she was able to captivate our attention despite talking about a topic that neither one of us knew much about. As you said, it was refreshing to hear. What we can take from that is that even if we feel that our project idea isn’t relatable to someone else, that perhaps they might not be interested in it, then it is our responsibility to make it interesting! We can show our passion for something through our writing and hopefully make that enthusiasm shine through to the readers.

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