4 thoughts to “…Because we’re writing minors…here’s a piece of my published writing! #rayray”

  1. Amy!

    I first recognized that you wrote a fantastic article when, as a follower of yours on Twitter, I saw that media expert, Sports Illustrated writer, and Michigan Alum Richard Deitsch commented about your piece…WOW! Impressive!

    As I would expect from you, your writing is absolutely excellent. It is humorous yet self-depracating, intelligent yet easy-to-read, entertaining yet serious…honestly, I really loved it. I don’t have any experience with job fairs simply because applying to medical school uses a radically different application process. I’ve always felt, at least from my conversations with people who do attend these job fairs, that students are exactly what you said they were…ants. Everybody looks the same, all nice and spiffy, racing around hoping to catch the eye of a potential employer. You put such a creative spin on the whole process and I have a feeling that your story resonates with nearly every student who has gone through the job fair and job interview processes. I’m super impressed!

  2. THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO READ!!! I am not going to lie. I saw how long it was and debated on reading it (I’m a terrible person, I know) but I had to keep going as soon as I started. I NEEDED to know how it turned out. This is such a great piece! I love that it shows how professional you are in the very beginning where you eloquently relate all of your traits to successes and I especially love at the end when you let your personality out with talking about getting drunk, and start cussing. It is a great piece that has tons of emotions. I also really enjoyed how this was a super relatable piece yet I learned something new from it! I could feel the stress you were going through even though I have never been in that situation. I could also understand your frustration with baby genius though I have never been in that awkward situation. GREAT JOB!!!!!!

  3. Wow I absolutely loved reading this as well. Although I haven’t been to any career fairs (going to grad school instead halfway to avoid events like that lol), you make it so easy to picture! So hilarious and well done–nice work! 🙂 One of the best Daily pieces I’ve read in a long time. Keep up the awesome writing and good luck with your job search!

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