8th Blog Post: making it pretty

While the funnest part of any e-portfolio or writing project I’ve done has been hands down the process of adding cool colors, dynamic templates, and signature font, this ‘making it pretty’ statement is needless to say, the easiest part. Okay, okay, I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true! The easiest part of my eportfolio and/or writing projects (tailoring specifically to my capstone project) is making my website pretty. I add nice pictures, beautiful colors that play on the soft tones of who I am, as well as make sure my audience gets a tight grasp on who I am as a person, in addition to my writing.

Capstone E-Portfolio

The bad thing about this fun task is that I take too much time trying to make my page look “pretty” and too less time on incorporating depth in the mission statement and investment of my project in general. This happened with my Remediating Project III for Writing 220, and low and behold, is happening with my Capstone Project for Writing 400. I find myself working harder on my Capstone E-portfolio that I do with the actual visual of my Capstone Project. Interesting thing is that I have way more in-depth info for my project than I do for my portfolio. Any realities of relate-ability here?

In addition, I’m most excited about diving into my capstone project non-stop now. I’m ready to hash out the hard work I put into it via my research and express it in a way where a variety of audiences can understand. I’m really ready to be done with it too! I’m still struggling with how to organize it in a way that’s visually accessible for not only non-deaf people, but for Deaf people as well. I want to make my wix site accessible to people of all target audiences and think I can do this effectively once a little crunch time persists and I’m literally forced to make a great project.

Capstone Project via wix.com

One thought to “8th Blog Post: making it pretty”

  1. Kalynn, I’m feeling similarly to you. Not so much on your “making it pretty” part but on everything you said about your project, itself. I’m excited to turn all of my research into a seamless project. I feel that I have not been spending enough time on the most important part. I’m ready to be done.

    I think it is really good you have spent a large number of hours on making your portfolio “pretty.” I love that you are reaching out to a broad audience of both able – hearing and deaf people.

    But so far, I think your portfolio is very pretty! It is intriguing and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product!

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