All this punctuation

Everyone keeps posting about punctuation. I hate punctuation. Especially commas. I never learned how to use a comma. Perhaps I was sick every single day they tried to teach us it. Or perhaps I just hated it so much I have mentally blocked all recollections from my mind. Commas are hard. I either use them too much or not enough. So, due to my years of experience I have decided just to not use them (ok sometimes I use them). Its like why waste the computer screen space of putting a comma somewhere unless I am 110% sure it goes there. Therefore, I barely use them. As every single person who has ever read one of my un peer-edited papers knows. In conclusion. I. Hate. Commas. I do however love question marks. Those I always know when to use.

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  1. This is funny because I’ve been told I overuse commas in just about every paper I’ve ever written since…well, forever. It’s unfortunate too, because in 6th grade I had the “grammar nazi” teacher who was literally OBSESSED with making sure we had perfect grammar. I’m not saying I’m the worst with grammar, but god did he make me hate it. I can totally relate to that!

  2. I was actually thinking the same thing as I scrolled through the recent blog posts on this site. Well, not about the hating commas/grammar part, but about this sudden rush of posts about a topic that I haven’t even studied since like sophomore year of high school. I’m one of those sticklers for grammar and I honestly think its a lost art among students these days. Even if you aren’t a good writer, I still feel like anybody can make their work sound/look/appear good when they put the correct punctuation marks in the correct place! Don’t ask me about things like past participles and clauses and that stuff–that stuff was so boring in high school!

  3. Margaret,

    I feel you, sister. I know how to use commas appropriately in like four ways (one of which was just used, I think?) <- and there goes another. I hate grammar. I often find myself Googling things just to see if other people have used them in that way. This goes for using words correctly too haha. Not quite sure if it was because I too was sick every single one of those days, my teachers never devoted much time to it, I wasn't paying attention, or because English is my second language, but I am grateful to have friends who are good at it and kind enough to edit my papers before I submit them. I'm semi-glad someone else feels the same way (misery loves company, right?), but I wonder how many of us there actually are? And why do so many of us exist? Should schools be spending more time on grammar? Does it really matter that much anyway? (Is it anyway or anyways? Had to Google that one too. Oh and punctuation inside/outside parenthesis – let's not even go there..)

  4. Hey Margaret, thanks for your post. Grammar and punctuation is actually a topic that I care a lot about. In high school, my teachers never taught grammar and as a result, my grammar was poor. My father was horrified and forced me to learn grammar for an hour each night. I hated it but as a result my grammar is very good. For better or worse, a student who uses good writing will have an easy time in classes and in the workforce. During my internship, I knew that I was being evaluated when I wrote e-mails and composed memos. Poor grammar would raise the question of whether I was a competitive candidate. Even though grammar is difficult, it is really important!

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