From Research to Finished Product #Mixer


What are you doing?

I’m asking three basic questions in my capstone project: Why do people give up comfort, safety, and security to travel for extended periods of time; What do those adventurers know for their experiences that I don’t (yet); and How can I make my goal of extended, solo travel into a reality?

Why are you doing that?

When I say to myself, “Self, you should really get your shit together…what do you want to do after graduation?”  I always come back to the idea of adventure.  My worst fear isn’t being jobless…it’s having a 9-5 that steals my soul, cripples me into a permanently seated posture, and makes me forget all the things I said I was going to do with my life until the day I wake up middle aged and realize I missed the point.  Answer: adventure.  You’ve got to admit, just the sound of that word is pretty sexy.   Hence, I’m researching people who have done it, polling people who may or may not want to do it, and figuring out what I need to do to prepare myself for it.

What’s that going to look like?

Good question.  This is where I keep coming up short.  Originally, I had envisioned a lot of buzzfeed-esque list articles along with original photography (both mine and from my survey respondents).  Then I started to write one and realized that my inner academic positively bucked at the idea of squashing weeks of reading, interviewing, and internet scouring into bullet points.  Then I thought, “Well maybe I can add an elaborative paragraph after each point in the list…” but soon the list got totally lost amid the surrounding text.  Then my professor suggested, “Maybe you can make each article a number on the list…sort of ’10 reasons I can do this’.”  That idea struck a cord–maybe I could make my entire portfolio a list, with each artifact/article/post/whatever as a number, a reason, and then it’s own academic elaboration.  Would that work?  Would you read it?  Would that fulfill a goal to be both entertaining and academic at the same time?  Thanks in advance for your input!

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