Illustrated Passage #RayRay


This is in reference to an article posted by David.

I do not think that it is very fair to use the SAT to predict a job candidates ability for the job. Using standardized test scores to determine which candidate you should choose should only be the solution when the test directly tests the specific tasks and thinking skills that your ideal candidate needs to have. With that being said I feel like this is very discriminatory against individuals who have bad test taking skills and anxiety. These individuals, no matter how qualified for the job, will have lower SAT scores and thus not be viewed as desirable as those with higher scores. I can only understand using standardize testing in order to determine ones position (as far as in or out, employed or not) if their future depends on their ability to take tests (medical school (STEP/Boards, law school ect). Therefore the epic LC eye roll is my chosen representation for this topic.


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  1. I agree. I believe that a more holistic approach needs to be applied. I am not a good test taker myself. For that matter, I am aware that I am a much stronger candidate in persona than on paper. I think opportunities to meet people in person should be made. I like the idea of online resume’s or applications that allow more than just test scores to be admitted but also video’s, writing pieces and recognition of awards.

    In my opinion, standardized testing is used to keep the system intact. It is used to privilege some groups and put a ceiling on others

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