Illustrated Passage #RayRay

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Please feel free to join in on this. I am curious as to what everyone else is thinking about this article.

It is a piece of children’s play grounds, specifically these new/old playgrounds that resemble junk yards. These play grounds are supervised by staff but do not have tradition play ground toys. Instead they have tires, and logs, and fire that kids can play with. When I first started reading this I had to laugh about the horrible, horrible irony. That middle to upper class parents want their children to have more rugged exposure to dangerous situations so that they will build a good character while these “playgrounds” are the only source of play areas some children have ever known due to lack of funding of their city. That was one component of the story that I was unsure about. The other side of me loved this idea because I remember going out to the farm and playing with things such as this and having an absolute blast. It was so much more to have materials to build things with and see what I could make as opposed to those stupid monkey bars that I could never master. Perhaps that is the country in me. Therefore I am using VB’s face because you can never really tell how she feels about a topic because her face is always the same. I just don’t fully know how I feel about this article.


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  1. Wow I just read this this is ridiculous!!! I’m having mixed feelings as well. How do I do this illustrated passage assignment? Once I find an image do I just post it as a blog topic or do I need to relate it to the other images you guys have posted about it?

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