micro-assignments are eating away at my genes

It has happened. I have finally tipped the scale into adulthood. I sit here at four am, on a Thursday night, during Spring Break, while in FL to do homework. It is absolutely mind blowing. But this is not how I know I have fallen into adulthood. I have tipped the scale because I sit here doing homework the night before I am supposed to go to Harry Potter World. Crazy. I should be resting up so I have maximal energy tomorrow. But I am not. I am trying to complete micro-assignments. Basically micro-assignments are forcing me to age, and aging in the social term is associated with aging in the biological term which occurs because then ends of your genes shorten. So basically micro-assignments are chewing away at my very essence, my genes. Back to the scale. When did this occur? Did it truly occur just now that I turned into an adult or did it happen a while ago? It couldn’t have been last year. Yes, last year I would have been choosing homework over fun but not because “I had stuff to do that needed to get accomplished before I could have fun” rather because all I cared about were grades. Perhaps I approached it over summer. When choosing between studying for my genetics final and going out to the bars I decided to mesh the two and take my flash cards on my bar crawl. But I bombed that exam because, surprisingly, I did not get much studying done. So perhaps that puts me back on the childish side. Was I an adult this Fall when interviewing? I mean, I did wear a nice dress and boring heels. Thats adult like. Perhaps I became an adult once I realized how many points I still needed. The stress brought on by these menacing points shortened my telomeres enough for me to stay up all night and then attempt HPW. Yes, it was most definitely these points.

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  1. Haha this post actually made me laugh! I hope you actually enjoyed your day at HP world–mad jealous. Anyways, I wonder the same thing a lot. At what point are we really “adults”? We’re in this awkward transitional period where we want to go out and have fun but we also are expected to make major life decisions that could affect us for years down the road. UGH. Everyone says that these are the best times of our life, but I have to say, they’re probably the most stressful as well!

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