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Hello all,

As I’m sure you have received and read the email about the minor luncheon, we are required to have a title for our project. I hate titles. I actually wrote my entire thesis before I gave it a title. It is so hard and impossible to give a single line to something that is so long. How can one possibly summarize the entirety of a giant project to just one line. Its impossible. Therefore, I am asking for help from you all. By now we have workshopped my project. It is about facing sexism throughout my life. The past, present, and future. So would you all like to help me come up with a title? I know you would. =]

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  1. Hey, I’d have to read the first page or so (which I’m happy to do) to try and come up with a title, but I do have one suggestion. Your title can actually be two lines long with the first line generalizing your project and the second line being much more specific. Here’s my project title, which is in that format. Hope it helps!

    Solving Societal Problems:
    An Analysis of Public vs. Private Sector Investment

    Good luck!

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