What Type of Punctuation Mark Are You?

I’m a procrastinator. I try to deny it in front of my parents and friends, but usually to no avail. I sit down in front of my books ready to study, but suddenly and helplessly find myself doing something else. I shop online, eat, take a nap, think about what I want to eat next, eat that, and the cycle continues. One of my favorite procrastinating tools –and also my sworn enemy –is Buzzfeed. It’s got everything: gifs of cats falling off tables, recipes for pancakes from around the world, and (most importantly) pictures of shirtless Ryan Gosling. That reminds me, I need to go on Buzzfeed real quick…

One aspect of Buzzfeed that I especially love is the “What Type of *insert object* Are You” segments. From “What Type of Book Are You” to “What Type of Social Media Are You,” these articles are incredibly entertaining. Taking inspiration from this, I made a “What Type of Punctuation Mark Are You.” Take a gander and find your punctuation mark spirit animal.

The Question Mark [?]

You’re generally confused and always asking questions. A beat behind everyone else, you often find yourself copying homework for a class you forgot to attend. (Is Writing 220 on Monday or Tuesday?) Despite these fallbacks, you could make a great journalist one day because you’re not afraid to ask the tough questions.

The Ellipsis […]

Similar to the Question Mark. You need a little more time than the average person to figure things out. You’re not yet sure what you want in life and have trouble making decisions. It takes just a quick pause to find your answer and move on.

The Exclamation Point [!]

You’re the life of the party. You make the best of any situation because you find excitement in everything. You can be a little dramatic sometimes, but usually have good intentions. A text from you will brighten up a friends day.

The Period [.]

The foil to the Exclamation Point. You like things to be short, occasionally sweet, and to the point. You are not at the top of the party invite list because you always bring the fun to an end. Texting you is often tense, as you’re always moody. “Fine.” “Ok.” “No.”

The Dash [–]

You’re a good person to have around. You’re knowledgeable and always there to fill in the blanks for people, or give information. Your timing could use work, though, because you’re always interrupting.

One thought to “What Type of Punctuation Mark Are You?”

  1. Hi Lauren, thanks for your clever and entertaining post! Even before reading the explanation of each punctuation mark, I knew that I am an exclamation point (!). Why? Because I’m a very optimistic person who typically is eager to participate in any experience. It’s pretty cool, when you think about it, that the English language allows each person to express almost anything in words!

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