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The tentative top-half of my ePortfolio’s home page.

After presenting a Wix tutorial to the class on my ePortfolio, I feel pretty good about all the work I did last week to get me up to this point. Instead of procrastinating this assignment like I thought I would, I spent four hours last Thursday evening laying out as much as I could and then creating a useful Google Doc for everything else that needed to be written. It was my first time ever using Wix, and through experimenting with different plug-ins, widgets, and ways to present all of my work, have an ePortfolio I can really be proud of.

The coolest part for me about my “tech challenge” was that the class generally seemed to enjoy it and asked questions about how they could enhance/improve their own ePortfolios. While I didn’t have a pre-planned script to go off of, my impromptu tone allowed me to navigate through my portfolio and all of its pages through the eyes someone who has never seen it.

Now all that’s left is revision, revision, and more revision. As much as I love every written word on my portfolio now, I want to use the time until the due date to make sure everything is said in the most coherent and clear way possible. There are so many variations to choose from as far as how to present our work. Every decision must be made with extreme clarity and reason.

Overall, I think I accomplished my goal of using my choices to create a stylish, “final” product.

I’m looking forward to see my peers’ ePortfolios-in-progress soon. Hopefully my ePortfolio will give others inspiration to start theirs now and not the week before it due (or sooner). So much value is gained by starting a term project so early, including not panicking, creating quality work, and having the ability to go back and revise where necessary. The more we get done before the last day of class, the more we can help each other out through peer feedback and revisions.

Another component of my project that Shelley commented on that I need to be cautious of is the images I used that aren’t mind. I need to make sure they are fair use and not violating any copyright policies. I will go back and pray that the images I have up are fair use because I really like them a lot and they fit in with my vintage theme. Other than that hiccup, the other technical components of my ePortfolio are solid.

Content-wise, I also need to ensure that my annotated bibliographies are added to both the re-purposing and re-mediation pages. As this is a required component to the course I need to make sure I don’t forget to do it. I think the best way to represent them will be putting them at the end of the embedded documents so that users can just scroll down more and browse through them.

I’m super excited about having so much done already and look forward to really being done in a few short weeks.

Gabriella Ring

Gabriella is a junior majoring in International Studies. She has traveled abroad extensively and hopes to work in the cruise industry after graduation.

2 thoughts to “getting wix-y with it”

  1. This looks great! And I really liked your tutorial in class (as someone who is procrastinating, I’m now thinking about using Wix instead). Your front page looks amazing and I really really like the layout (the font, the colors you chose, your picture–all very aesthetically pleasing). I like that you’ve clearly laid out your to-do list in this blog post. It’s making me realize everything I have to do, but it’s also inspiring to get on top of my work! I think it is awesome that you’ve come so far already, and really committed your Thursday night to this project. You seem like you have a lot under control, and although its not done, it must be a huge relief! I hope to get going soon, and really bring my piece together, like you have done here. As for the pictures, good luck!! I’m nervous about this, too. Maybe typing into Google search “Fair trade stock photos” might help (that’s my plan anyway!).

    Good luck! You’re doing awesome work.

  2. The portfolio looks great, and thanks for sharing it with us! You can tell you put a lot of time into understanding Wix and making the different options work for your project. Something I really liked from your eportfolio was how you embedded the essays as google docs. This is an inventive way to help the “wall of text” problem and make those pages look less daunting. Good luck with the revision!

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