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Two weekends ago I came down with a high fever and was left unable to do anything school-related for an entire week. Fortunately for me, I had gotten done the bulk of my ePortfolio two weeks prior, and didn’t have much other work left to do going into the end of the semester. I was left to Netflix it up while chugging fluids and taking Motrin. I also made sure I made time to indulge in my favorite internet game since the Helicopter Game, 2048. This easy game of numbers has players frustrated the world over, and I was determined to learn every strategy I could to win the game. While not much of a gamer, this game got me hooked. The seemingly easy way to play by using your arrow keys to swipe in any directions and match-like numbers to create the next number up doubled was all the fun I could ask for in a simple online game. Soon, I found myself avoiding school work to see if I could beat my friends’ high scores or even beat the game.

After what I would guess was over 30 hours of play, I finally beat it last Wednesday. It was rather anticlimactic, and the game started out as any other game. I usually get to the 1024 tile in all my games, so when I found the chain that would win this one, I was in shock. I instantly Googled how many people had beat the game to see how elite I was. As of March 27, only about 500,000 games of 51 million had reached the 2048 tile, or one percent of games. The same article also informed me that the owner of the game hadn’t even beaten it yet. I found this hard to believe, but since this fact was on multiple other sites it had to be true.

I victoriously took the ceremonial screen shot of my winning board so that people would believe me and posted it to Facebook to be cemented on my timeline forever. Looking back on how excited I was last week by telling everyone in a 50-foot radius of my impossible accomplishment, I probably went overboard in my celebration. Also, I thought that by winning I would have no need to play it anymore because the hardest part had already been done. I was wrong. I still find myself playing it to see if I can win, again. Unfortunately for me, lightning rarely strikes twice, so I may just be wasting my time with going for a two-peat. Even so, I still love to see the tiles move so rapidly in an effort to reach the 2048 tile. Winning has allowed me to try out different strategies and see what works better. If eventually I do get sick of playing and not winning again, I don’t think I will have trouble stopping since I already have my winning screen shot to remind me of what I did at the end of one random game.

Don’t worry if you haven’t won yet. If a Minor in Writing could do it, you can too. And while this post doesn’t have anything to do with writing, I hope I’ve inspired you to take a numbers break for some mindless inspiration that this game brings to me, and maybe to you, too.

Gabriella Ring

Gabriella is a junior majoring in International Studies. She has traveled abroad extensively and hopes to work in the cruise industry after graduation.

2 thoughts to “I beat 2048”

  1. I have to admit, I was absolutely hooked on 2048 a couple of weeks ago, and wasted away so much time trying to beat it. I went through phases of deleting the app out of frustration, trying to be productive, and in the end I caved every single time by downloading the app again. It was always a nice break from writing, and I guess sometimes that’s well deserved ha. As soon as I beat it though I haven’t touched it since, because the last thing I need is trying to get the 4096 tile.

  2. Oh my goodness, I’m so happy you wrote about 2048!
    When I first saw the game on my facebook feed, it looked so harmless, but I quickly realized how addictive it was. I’m actually surprised that the percentage of people who beat the game is so low. People all around me seem to be winning all the time. Some have gotten bored with the original (myself included) and have started doing the picture versions. I’ve beaten the Beyonce version, the Doge version, and even some random ones made by my friends. I wonder why it’s so addicting though. After all, it’s just numbers. Maybe its the simplicity of the tiles? Or maybe it’s because it’s seemingly simple but incredibly difficult. Also games make people feel productive, so that’s probably why a lot of people do it too.

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