If I die my parents wouldn’t know for about five hours

Seems like a deep post but it really isn’t. The other day I was talking with my friends about how my parents never answer the phone. They both have cell phones, private work lines, and a home phone (yuck) yet never answer any phone. EVER. Sometimes it doesn’t bother me, like when I am calling just to chat on my way to class. Other times it seriously results in a tension headache that lasts for over two hours in addition to taking Advil and drinking calming tea. I always just thought it was annoying. I think the biggest fight I have ever had with them has been over answering their phones when I needed them. Like the time I accidentally stabbed myself with a glass pipette at work that had been exposed to human tissues and needed to go to the hospital to get all sorts of fun shots. After waiting for an hour to see someone, they told me they didn’t have my immunization record on file and without that I was going to need to get seven shots as opposed to just three. I called my parents for at least two hours. I EVEN RAN BACK TO THE LAB TO FAX THEM TO TELL THEM TO CALL ME. But they didn’t. I finally got ahold of my grandfather, who thankfully was in town, and had him run to his office and fax over my shots record. I was so angry at my parents. I legitimately needed them for health reasons and they didn’t answer. However, lately this anger has taken a new face. I am starting to realize that if I ever got in a serious accident or something happened to me and I only had a few hours to live, for whatever reason, I would more than likely not be able to speak or see my parents during this time because they don’t answer the phone. Now, this has become my biggest fear in life. It is perhaps a silly fear but still only being surrounded by friends while dying as opposed to family is terrifying. So here I sit, picturing myself in a hospital bed dying while having to text, and email my parents my last words because they never answer the phone. I tell my parents all the time that if I died it would take them five hours to find out. They say I’m dramatic. I say I’m correct.


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