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I think that this is a very interesting article (even though it is from Buzzfeed it is worth some consideration). Prior to this article I have not even heard nor thought about how online reviews can be an issue for doctors. I suppose it may be because my hometown is so medically underserved that sometimes you know you are going to a crappy doctor but you go anyways because there are no other doctors around. I think there are bright sides and down sides to this. On the positive side as a patient you know who you should go to and who others have found to be not optimal. On the positive side as a doctor you can receive reviews from patients who are super happy, and ones for others who were not let you know what you can improve on. On the negative side, its all response bias. It is simple Intro to Stats. The only individuals who bother to commit their time to review something is individuals who are really happy or super angry. I know a lot of people in this class are pre-law so I was just wondering what your opinions are. Perhaps I am biased because I want to be a doctor. I just want to know what other people think.

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