mischief managed

All I could think about when publishing my ePortfolio was this iconic phrase from Harry Potter.

The long road through the Gateway course is finally over, and I couldn’t be more excited to publish my ePortfolio to the world. The experience of designing a website for me to showcase my work in the course was extremely rewarding. I learned a lot about being patient in the website building process as well as the revision process. As a visual person, Wix allowed me to layout everything exactly as I planned it with technical ease. I became such a pro at it that I ran a tutorial to the class so that my peers could make an educated decision on whether to use WordPress or Wix.

I hope that people take advantage of the comment box, static at the bottom of each page. I would really like to know how my readers experienced reading my portfolio, and of course, whether or not they enjoyed it.

As the last day of my junior year comes to a close, I am so happy I was able to put forth my best effort this school year. I accomplished my goal of no procrastination, producing quality work, and (I think) becoming a better writer. I can’t wait for Winter 2015 and the Capstone course, and will continue writing until that time comes. Until then, gateway mischief managed.

Gabriella Ring

Gabriella is a junior majoring in International Studies. She has traveled abroad extensively and hopes to work in the cruise industry after graduation.

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