Remediation PSA Rough Cut

Hey everyone!  Here is my rough cut of my remediation project!  I decided to take my Letter to A.J., an editorial in my city’s newspaper, and make it into a series of Public Service Announcements.  Two changes happened as I went from my proposal to the actual cuts.   First of all, I decided to do an audio PSA instead of a visual one.  I planned to have the PSAs be intended to air after the evening news on television.  However, between trying to film them with the equipment I had accessible and making them look as professional as the actual ones on television, I decided that I could make a more realistic audio PSA at this point.  I decided to do a radio PSA to air on a radio station serving my area, both after traffic or weather reports (which would likely draw similar audiences to the audiences of the newspaper) and as a commercial break on top hit music stations to draw a younger crowd in their high school and college ages.  I used my voice on one and had a classmate record the other two so that both genders were represented.  Second of all, I decided to not address both race and the issue of treating student athletes like students as well.  In a 30 second PSA, it was nearly impossible to address these two issues at the same time, both of which are substantial issues on their own.  I decided that the main issue of my main paper was that A.J. was seen as an athlete, not a student.  So, I decided to take the race factor out of the PSAs in order to get more at the central issue, which I see as how we view student-athletes (and even the fact that we use that term at all!)  Anyhow, I would love any feedback on this work in progress!



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