The Biggest Hurdle to Overcome

Just out of curiosity, I’d like to pose a general question to everyone. What do you find most challenging about this class? Is it the constant struggle of racking up points to somehow make it to the top of mountain? Perhaps you struggle and do not enjoy evaluating yourself, and the evolution essay has been giving trouble? Of course there is the project, which just seems to be everything in life right now? Planning the idea, executing your thoughts, and putting it all together in a presentable manner can certainly be daunting. And how can we forget the portfolio – the be-all end-all of our Sweetland Minor in Writing experience. I have found difficulties in all of these arenas. If I were to put them in order though, beginning with what I find most challenging, I would say portfolio, project, evolution essay, points. I am generally reliable when it comes to be organized and task driven, so point watermarks have not really presented any issues for me. The evolution essay was a bit tough getting started, but the same can be said for any writing assignment. Once I got going, my thoughts came naturally to me. The project has definitely been tough because there are so many components to manage. I’ve tried to step outside of my own shoes to view it from other people’s perspective in order to make it as relatable as possible while still being composed the way I want it to be. This has surely been challenging. For me though, the portfolio is definitely Goliath. I enjoy absolutely nothing when it comes to designing websites, integrating media, and all of that other miserable stuff that some people somehow find entertaining. I’m curious to hear how other people view these things.

2 thoughts to “The Biggest Hurdle to Overcome”

  1. Hands down the biggest thing for me to overcome during this class has been to let my guard all the way down for my project. All throughout my writing career I have prided myself in how honest I have been. From writing my true thoughts on controversial topics (like physician assisted suicide), to saying what certain experiences have really been like and detailing the parts individuals don’t want to hear about (like prescription drug abuse to get good grades). For my project I knew that I wanted it to be about a topic I was passionate about. I thought I was just going to end up writing about my true thoughts on controversial topics once again but after workshop I decided to take it in a different direction. I decided to write about all the horrible, sexist things that have happened over the course of my life that only my friends know about. I felt like it was the perfect time, perfect space, and the perfect story for me to tell at this point in my life and I needed to put it out there. This has been extremely difficult for me because I am so terrified of judgement. I know I will be happy once I am done, because after I write each section I am overcome with relief, but sometimes it is draining.

  2. I too would rank the difficulty of this class in that order. Points are just that–points. They’re ungraded assignments that we can do at our leisure. Although 2000 seems like a lot, if we had managed our time it really isn’t all that much. I too believe that the portfolio has given me the worst headache–I hate technology and I don’t really think I’m all that great at designing things, so that’s a struggle. I really want my project to look professional and interesting, but I just don’t know how to do that! ah!

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