Those #RAYRAY Questions We’ve All Come to Love and Anticipate

ask-question-2-ce96e3e01c85a38a0d39c61cfae6d42cI think about those questions #RAYRAY asks in the beginning of each class constantly, and I’m sure I’m not alone on this. Sometimes I even jot them down to ask friends the same questions later. When I’m running late for class, my biggest concern/fear is not the consequence (or judgment) that may result from my tardiness (sorry, Ray), but that I’ll miss one of my favorite parts of class – the attendance question. For those of you writing minors who haven’t had the opportunity to take a class with #RAYRAY (ok, I’m going to stop using the hashtag because it’s starting to get annoying – why do people even hashtag things that aren’t clickable? Interesting potential capstone project for you youngins to consider later…), I’m sorry. And if you have the opportunity to do so, I highly encourage it.

One of my favorite questions was posed last year in Writing 220. It went something along the lines of  “even if it’s not true, would you rather have everyone know you as a slut, liar, or stupid?” (Again, this is paraphrasing, so if you were in that course and remember it verbatim, please feel free to correct me!) I answered slut because it says more about the character of the person who is saying it about you (for judging your behavior and choices) than it does about you.

These attendance questions have never failed to evoke interesting discussions, as well as allow me to get to know my peers on a deeper level and, ultimately, improve our classroom community and dynamic. A few questions (since we obviously love questions!) I have for all: What are some of your favorite Ray Ray questions? Where do you think he got this idea? What specifically about the nature of these questions makes us so excited for them?

3 thoughts to “Those #RAYRAY Questions We’ve All Come to Love and Anticipate”

  1. My favorite Ray Ray question, I also do not remember it verbatim, was about if you could pick what your outside skin looked like what would it be. I remember Ray saying he wanted shinny, silver, reflective skin. These questions are my favorite not because of the actual content of the question but do to other’s responses. I remember the best response way about having about having emeralds. I agree with your statement about running late as well. If I’m running late I feel bad because I know I am going to miss the awesome questions. The more I am thinking about this I feel as though this is a way for Ray to make us show up on time……

  2. One question in particular that Ray asked us last year truly stands out to me. Paraphrasing like you did, “Would you rather be able to travel anywhere in the world but only be able to stay in one place for a week before having having to move again, or would you rather just choose one place to live but not ever be able to leave a 100 mile radius?” Fascinating, right? Travel the world but constantly be on the go or just live in your favorite place but never be able to leave? Each options sounds amazing and dreadful at the same time. I’d ultimately have to settle in one place. Constantly moving would drive me insane. Speaking of which, being in once place the rest of my life could make me insane also. Decisions, decisions.

  3. This wasn’t my favorite question, but one that has haunted me for the last year – Ray asked us in Writing 220 what our worst personality trait was. I think I answered something along the lines of talking too much which yes, I know, is annoying, BUT come on!? I think this was in the beginning when I really got anxiety about having a concrete answer for these questions and not saying “um” before I responded so, typical Paige problems, I just blurted something out. But over the last year I’ve realized what my true worst personality trait is because I have been agonizing it ever since that day in class – I am SO incredibly passive aggressive. God, it is terrible. I’m a really nice, outgoing girl for the most part, but if someone even slightly belittles me or doesn’t appreciate the work I do, I get so passive aggressive. It’s ugly. This question has caused me so much anxiety in the last year, but I’ve never been so thankful for such anxiety. I have really reconsidered my character and taken action to stop the ways in which I argue. So I guess I should extend my gratitude to #RAYRAY. Yay Ray questions!

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