To A Writer

Dear Writer,

If you are reading this, you have elected to be bold (or crazy) enough to minor in writing here at the University of Michigan. Congrats, dude! As someone who just survived the gateway course that will introduce you to the rest of your minor, I am writing this blog post (under direct orders) to give you some words of wisdom. So, from one writer to another, here are the three main things I’ve learned this semester that I would like to pass onto you, the future generation of the writing minor.

1. Think big. The projects you will be assigned give you a lot of room to use not only your imagination but a great deal of on campus resources. USE THEM. You won’t regret it. Your project will be insanely awesome and you’ll have a lot of fun making it. Remember: It’s always better to overshoot than to underachieve so keep that in mind.

2. Don’t be shy with your writing. Especially for the first project, the more honest and real you are with yourself about your writing the more it will benefit you in the long run. Be bold, be brave. Try something new. You will got a lot more out of each assignment that way.  It also makes for a better story later.

3. Make friends. Believe it or not, you and the people in that classroom are going to have a lot in common. Don’t fret, it’s always awkward in the beginning but speak up! Talk to the kid next to you. Raise your hand in class. Tell someone they have a great idea for their project. Trust me, you’ll won’t regret it.

Basically, have fun with it. You are in this program by choice, so make the most out of it. Now go get ’em tiger.

2 thoughts to “To A Writer”

  1. Hi Samantha,

    Thank you for your advice. As a new admit to the writing minor, your advice certainly is certainly encouraging. I especially appreciated your second point about not being shy with your writing. I think writing so many college essays and academic writing encourages students to rely on familiar sentences structures and a safe style of writing, which doesn’t necessarily help you grow as a writer. I joined the minor largely because I wanted an opportunity to write outside of the box again. I wanted to be creative and take risks without worrying about a lower grade. Reading your post and reaffirming the opportunity to do so has only made me more excited for the challenges and opportunities to come. Thinking big, being brave with my writing and learning from my peers are three key ingredients to grow as a writer through this minor and I thank you again for validating my initial thoughts entering this program.

  2. Samantha – entering the minor I wasn’t really exactly sure what to expect – what kinds of assignments we would be doing, the kind of writing, etc. Reading all of these advice posts, and especially yours, has given me a much better understanding of what the minor is about and what to strive for. Unlike some of my other classes (all of my other classes) I don’t really feel confined at all when I’m doing an assignment or blog post for this class – I just kind of write whatever I’m thinking about. I think your advice to be bold in our writing and take risks is definitely something I’ll keep in mind throughout the semester.

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