Writer’s Block, Lack of Attention, Whatever You Want To Call It



In a class that requires so much writing, over the course of the semester it’s only natural that I’ve come to my fair share of ‘forks in the road’ accompanied by the dreaded writer’s block.  Actually, the inspiration for this post came to me in the midst of writing another blog post when I was unsure of what to write, and figured it would make for an applicable topic for another post.  But anyways, if you’re like me, and typically leave all your assignments to the last minute, this writer’s block is typically unwanted and can be confusing as to why it happens.  Depending on how focused or ‘in the zone’ I am, sometimes I can crank right through this lull, but sometimes it can be pretty bad.  Also, sometimes the assignment is just  one of the last things I want to do, so I can get distracted pretty easily by whatever or whoever is around me.

I think a good portion of me, especially when I’m not really bought into the idea of doing an assignment or am really dreading something, is when I typically experience writer’s block.  I’ll be drudging along with an assignment or paper or whatever, and suddenly I’ll find absolutely no motivation or inspiration to keep writing.  When this happens, I typically have a hard time getting back on task, often times going off on remotely related tangents with my work, eventually coming back to my piece with even less motivation or excitement about the piece than what I began with.  However, sometimes when I take a short break like this and take a little bit of time away from the piece, I can come back with a clearer mind and more open approach to the assignment, and given the fact that this usually happens during the earlier periods of my writing, I generally need to get as much written down as possible (Special thanks to “Shitty First Drafts” for letting me know that sometimes having something down is what’s really important to get going).  Only problem is, sometimes I’ll come back from this writer’s block or start to focus up again and the majority of what I say comes out in rambling, long sentences, probably just like the last one I wrote will read after I go back and look this blog over again.

I don’t know the last time I had genuine writer’s block however, as in I had no idea what to write and came to an absolute standstill.  I think that instead I’ll either ramble and look for “filler” or fluff to add to my work that in the end serves me as well as not writing anything would have.  I don’t know if this could be considered writer’s block of just a further continuation of my shitty first draft work, but sometimes once I flush out a lot of what I originally wrote and get it closer to what I want to say, it isn’t half bad.  I feel like the best real life example I can give of it is that it’s similar to awkward silence in a conversation and there’s that one person that feels the need to speak up, even though whatever they’re saying isn’t exactly worth listening to, except this time around, it’s a paper, and the gist of what I’m writrint gets said, but in the end, it takes a lot of editing and revising to actually help other people get the message that I’m trying to relay as a writer.



All in all, I think this post goes to show that my writer’s block, lack of focus, impulsive typing, etc.. can sometimes lead to productive work, or on the other hand, it can lead to a cluster of information that in the end gets the message across, but not in as nearly a conniving or appealing manner.

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