Brainstorming Project 2 ideas

Sometimes it baffles me how hard it is for writers to work with their own writing. I, for example, often have trouble editing my own work, and occasionally it takes me some time to figure out where I’m going with a particular piece.

It was also hard for me in this project to figure out ways to repurpose writing I’ve already done. But I have a few ideas:

1. I wrote a Michigan┬áDaily story last February about gay athletes and how the environment has changed for them in college sports over the years. This issue, I think, has far-reaching consequences and implications in society; treatment of gay people has been one of the most widely discussed issues over the past decade. In this story, I wrote about several gay former college athletes–three at Michigan, one at Penn–and I referenced the story of Michael Sam, which unfolded around that time last winter. Since then, a lot more has happened on the issue: Sam has been drafted, cut and then resigned, and another player from Arizona State came out to his team before the season. This story could be modified to fit a variety of different themes.

2. I wrote another Daily story in August after the International Champions Cup match at Michigan Stadium between Real Madrid and Manchester United. That game brought all kinds of people with all kinds of different stories to Ann Arbor: fans of both teams, fans from different countries, people from around the U.S. who helped put on the event. Those stories could be told through a variety of different lenses, and I still have the audio files from the interviews, allowing for some sort of multimedia project.

3. I wrote a final English paper in April about the media and a variety of subjects relating to it: understanding biases, handling issues regarding race, sexuality and language, coverage depth and shaping norms. This paper also had a variety of examples pertaining to these subjects, everything from the Daily’s coverage of former kicker Brendan Gibbons’ expulsion, to Hurricane Katrina, to FOX and CNN’s political news coverage, to Sports Illustrated cover stories, to NBA vs. WNBA and vs. The issues involved in these situations are critical and can be evaluated in many different ways.

2 thoughts to “Brainstorming Project 2 ideas”

  1. Jake, I think its great that all of the topics you are considering fall into the sports writing category that seems to be your specialty. With an in depth creative project like this, definitely stick to what you know and what you are interested in. Also, by adding links to the articles you are referring to adds a lot of credibility and its exciting for the reader to look at to better understand the possibilities for your project. I think all of these ideas have potential for effective re-purposing and I look forward to hearing about the direction you choose. Good luck!

  2. Jake, I think you have a strong vision of where to go with all of these potential options. In my personal opinion, I think that you should choose the second piece. I’ve noticed that you always seem to bring it up first in our small-group discussions and in full-class discussions as well. I believe there is something about it that resonates with you and I am very intrigued to see where you would take this. Also, I think it would provide an excellent vehicle for you to pursue a new direction in your writing. Though it is sports related, the greater idea of the piece would allow you to extrapolate on your area of expertise and build a new dimension from it.

    No matter which option you choose to pursue, I think all of them will lead you in a very interesting direction and I am confident that you will make something unique and meaningful from them.

    Best of luck.

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