But on the Contrary

You will be surprised when you are asked to actively look over something you do on what feels like a semi-regular basis. It doesn’t have to be a serious reflection. It can just be a quick glance, and something will catch your eye.  Since that is what we had to do in regards to the style of our writing, I was given the chance to look back at my writing and focus on something I had never really considered examining. While I thought I already had an idea about my style of writing, I never really thought about it in detail. Unsurprisingly, I learned something.

After going through the process of examining my writing style, I have realized that in most papers, articles, blog posts and other writing I have done all have very similar.  I am very contrarian in my writing. I have a tendency to provide one side to the story at the start of my papers and other works, and then I take it into another direction. Thanks to words like however, although, and yet, I feel as though it is easier to present one argument, make a coherent and thoughtful statement, and then break that argument down for the rest of paper.

What is interesting, is that this style of writing is actually pretty common in a lot of the online articles that I read. In the influential writing gallery, I posted an article from the Atlantic by Ta-Nehisi Coates, an writer who focuses on race and the underlying structures of racism that can still be found in the United States. In my opinion he is by far one of the best modern day writers, and if you pay attention to his style, he is constantly dismantling arguments after he brings them up. However, it’s not just him. Plenty of other articles I read online, ranging from sports to politics to posts about the newest Marvel movie, seem to have this style.

I wonder if that is because most of these articles write in the form of someones opinion while they are also stating the facts. In other words, even though they use plenty of factual information, most online writers still seem to write about one side of an argument, which indicates that they have an opinion on the topic. I guess when you think about it, that’s all that academic essays and blog posts seem to be.  Maybe my style isn’t contrarian. Maybe I just like to write about my opinion.

Clarence Stone

A sports fanatic from Detroit Michigan. The moment I put a pencil to paper, I realized that writing was something that I cared about, and I can't wait to become better.

2 thoughts to “But on the Contrary”

  1. Before the Style Masquerade assignment, I, too, had never paid much attention to my personal style. This is funny to me because it is so clear that we all have different styles of writing. No two people write exactly the same. So why didn’t we give our styles much thought before? I really don’t know. In the reading assignment we had on style, I remember clearly that one of the points was that style should not be an afterthought, and now I will attempt to make conscious stylistic decisions in my writing.

  2. CJ,
    I find it interesting, too, that I hadn’t paid much attention to my own writing style until this assignment. Style is a way we present ourselves; yet, I feel we often take it for granted unless attention is drawn to it. But, as you and I both saw from class, drawing attention to it is surprisingly beneficial. You noticed the contrarian style in your writing. I was able to see that my sentence variance was lacking. I’m curious as to whether this “contrarian style” will continue to dominate your writing or if you will be more aware of it after this exercise. I hope you stay true to your style since that’s what makes it you!

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