From Father to Son

Will Ruben’s inspiration for writing has always stemmed from his father. Together, they spend many late nights working on essays, discussing grammar rules, and re-building flawed sentences. He is now a student at the University of Michigan studying business and writing. Outside of the classroom, Will enjoys playing golf at the local course, exploring Ann Arbor, and strumming his guitar named Carson.

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2 thoughts to “From Father to Son”

  1. Will — it’s interesting, I have a very similar connection with my dad. I like that you include it in your bio. It shows how meaningful and important it is to you that your father was there to help you with your writing. It reveals a lot about your character. Additionally, I like the honesty in what you say. You don’t try to impress anyone with the tone of your bio or with your accomplishments. It is simple and you easily address the things that mean the most to you (including Carson).

  2. Will and Cameron: I really enjoyed reading your thoughts, because I too have a great relationship with my dad. Will, you do a nice job of describing it in a way that connects with the reader. The conversations your dad are very personal. Your bio really comes through with a kind of sentimental voice, and it makes it appealing to read. And I love that you named your guitar!

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