From Little League to Big League

Jake LourimJake Lourim is a senior sports editor for The Michigan Daily, the official student newspaper of the University of Michigan. He covers men’s basketball among many other sports and served as the managing sports editor in summer 2014.

Lourim started sports writing in middle school and knew from a very early age it was something he wanted to do as a career. In high school, he established an independent sports news website covering sports at his high school.

Born and raised in Troy, Michigan, Lourim is from metro Detroit and isn’t ashamed to say it. He loves Aaron Sorkin TV shows, neck ties and his mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese. His favorite memories from his childhood are nights spent on the baseball diamond. He grew up with his parents, brother, sister and dog, Mugsy.


2 thoughts to “From Little League to Big League”

  1. Awesome bio, Jake! Your picture perfectly fits your description and shows personality and sports interests as well as your formality and credibility as a writer. Maybe you could include the names of sports articles you have written (even though we probably wont recognize the titles). Lastly, including your dogs name was a good strategy to promote personal connections with your readers–everyone loves their pets!

  2. Jake, I really like how thorough your bio is. Not only do you establish credibility as a writer, but you show some personal characteristics as well which altogether creates a holistic view of yourself as a writer. Your picture adds to this by further showing the reader where your interests in writing lie. I particularly like the lines about your mother’s macaroni and cheese, and your dog, Mugsy. I feel that they nicely offset the tone of the two previous paragraphs and show honesty in your writing.

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