Making Another Writer’s Decisions

My conversation with Patrick helped me generate creative ideas for my project. Brainstorming is freer, more imaginative, innovative and far-reaching when two brains are working together rather than one. I found that I was able to generate many more ideas with Patrick’s creative juices jiving with mine – ideas that were likely richer in quality and potential than I may have otherwise been able to generate alone. My experience brainstorming with Patrick confirms the power of reflective teamwork and the capabilities of an idea.

The way in which Patrick and I brainstormed was fluid and natural. We did not try to contrive ideas for one another right from the get-go. Rather, we conversed about our interests, passions, our favorite pieces of past writing and our inspirations. I shared with him that some of my favorite pieces of writing were intensely personal – writing about myself (introspective work), writing about my family and really, anything that is honest and blunt. We connected on the basis that both of us prefer bluntness in writing. I then expressed my love for music and the power that music has on me as a calming agent. Ironically and luckily, Patrick is also a music buff. It was through our shared interests, mutual understanding and genuine learning of one another that sparked thoughtful conversation and strong areas of consideration for the project.


Patrick and I generated the below list of ideas:


List of ideas:

  • Children’s book
  • Music and the expression of the self
  • Stand up comedy
  • An Advice column
  • Write an album’s lyrics…a theme behind the album and then a story told through the album (Essentially a collection of poems)
  • Spoken word song—example: Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen-Baz Luhrmann
  • What makes people tick? What is happiness? Interviewing people who share different definitions of happiness…compilation of their interviews

I feel as though I have some possible solutions to this open project prompt. Many of the ideas we thought through resonate with me because they are personal. These ideas would blend well with my previous favorite writing pieces and would also add to my portfolio of work. Patrick suggested that I work with music in some form – either that I actually write music or write lyrics to an album. I love the idea of writing lyrics to an album. As a child, I was always a big Eminem fan…I loved the honesty of his lyrics and the storyline as each track progressed. I think it could be cool to write a series of songs – an album for all intents and purposes – that tells some kind of personal story. I could write the lyrics and even at some point create the music itself. This seems like a doable idea. It’s definitely one I am highly considering moving forward. This idea sparked some other thoughts in my mind. I have always been a fan of spoken word poetry and poetry slams. I could put together a video of the most powerful acts I’ve seen in order to make a larger statement about passions, life struggles and overcoming adversity. I would then try to film myself making my own “poetry slam” which would be the final thought of the video. Alternatively, I can treat this as a piece of writing instead of a video. I can quote the most powerful bits of writing from poetry slams, pulling from the existing talent, and add my own perspective. Essentially, I would be accessing inspirational words as a platform from which to build a larger conversation.

I’ve learned that the best advice comes from sharing interests. By being open. Because all people appreciate honesty. Patrick was able to play up my love for music and my writing style in order suggest the most helpful ideas. I feel like I have some direction moving forward.

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  1. Hey I really like the direction you are thinking of going with the project. And I’m glad I could help! I think your idea of creating a video about some of the more moving poetry slams you’ve seen would be really unique. Especially when you add in some of your own material. I’ll be very curious to see where you go with it.

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