Making Another Writer’s Decisions

As the prompt suggested, I feel like helping Carly come up with ideas for her project in turn helped me generate some of my own. We were both on the same page before the brainstorming process began; we didn’t fully understand the assignment 🙂 But we decided to spitball some ideas starting with what we are already interested in and the ball kept rolling from there. I did not however, come up with a specific list of things for Carly to try; I mostly just threw idea darts into the air after learning some of her interests, and I found that some of them stuck and some of them did not. I thought that this process worked pretty well for us, because it allowed the other person to come up with ideas that the other may not have thought of.

For instance, Carly mentioned that she loved Eminem growing-up and could quote every single one of his lyrics. I found this interesting since I also love music, and we came up with the idea that she should try writing song lyrics as if she was writing an album. After reading her post, I see that she is excited for that idea and has come up with many more interesting ideas branching off of that as well.

Carly did the same for me by asking questions about my interests and then threw some ideas into the air. From our brainstorming session, we came up with a number of good ideas that I know I will have trouble choosing between now. Some of them are:

  • A fictional book about a government official who learns that aliens visit earth and then tires to uncover more details
  • A stand up comedy routine
  • Sit-com script
  • Organize a concert that raises money for sustainable farming and make a documentary about it
  • Make a documentary about recent graduates who chose to pursue something other than their degree field
  • Finally a documentary about artists who have been struggling for years and how they cope with life / what they’ve learned.

As of right now, I am most interested in the first and last idea on this list. If it were not for Carly, I may not have considered the documentary idea that would follow struggling artists which I have a lot of interest in.

Based on this experience, I would maybe change my advice in the future by having my partner write down their interests and hobbies, and then I could come up with a bunch of related project ideas. However, I actually think that our natural conversation and the interest we showed in helping each other could not have been more productive. This experience taught me to consider obscure ideas and to get another person’s point of view whenever possible because their unique perspective can be instantly more valuable than many hours of thinking something through myself.


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  1. I agree! It was a productive experience sharing interests and then using those interests to shape our direction for the project. You clearly have a passion for the piece of alien fiction. There is probably no better time than now to entirely throw yourself into this piece of fiction. If you go another route, perhaps with the documentary of struggling artists, consider how you might accumulate the content. How will you define “artist?” How will you define “struggling” artists? How will you find them? What is their incentive to share their stories with you? How will you piece together individual stories to create one cohesive project? Will there be one unifying theme or lesson you will emphasize? Just some questions for you to consider! I’m excited to see where you go with this.

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