momofukufor2's mouthwatering crack pie recipe post

My obsession with momufukofor2 began this summer, when, I saw an Instagram post of a magical delicacy called “crack pie” and had to find out more. After a little researching, I found out that the “crack” in crack pie is a ooey-gooey, buttery filling, and that the geniuses behind this dessert had also thought one of my all-time favorites, birthday cake truffles.

…think about it. Slightly undercooked cake dough formed into delicious, rich truffle balls. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

After more research about Momofuku Milk Bar, the dessert spot behind all of these crazy creations, I stumbled upon momofukufor2, the genius brainchild of Maria. I wish I would have thought of the premise of her blog first: in a year’s time, she cooked and ate every recipe in the Momofuku cookbook (Momofuku Milk Bar is just one of the restaurant concepts in the NYC based Momufuku group.

I admire so much about her creativity and ideas, and use much of it as inspiration for my own food blog. Like Maria, I have a small target audience for my food blog (college students), so I look to her for tips on how to maintain a consistent voice/style that engages a target population. Her photos are beautifully composed and shot, her stories are clever and well-told, and she really makes you crave everything she writes about. Plus, she’s realistic. When a recipe doesn’t work out exactly as planned, she’s no bullshit. She takes full advantage of the creative freedoms afforded by this new media format for writing about food. She’s absolutely one of the primary creative inspirations I attempt to emulate in my own writing for fun.

Sarah Schuman

Hi! I'm Sarah, from the Chicago area. I write more eloquently with a chai latte by my side.

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  1. Sarah,

    This blogpost immediately drew me in because I saw momofuku in the title… I am also slightly obsessed. Not only do I follow Momofuku’s Instagram but I also follow about 50 other food-porn Instagrams that repeatedly post beautiful images of birthday cake truffles and crack pie. Your description of the crack pie was so eloquent and beautifully written that it made me unreasonably hungry for a piece. I haven’t yet explored the realm of food blogs but I might have to start following this one. Because your taste is clearly similar to mine, I’m sure I would drool over your food blog as well!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I agree completely with Sophie! I clicked on your post because I saw the work momofuku. Two of my best friends sent me momofuku truffle cake balls for my birthday, and ever since I have been obsessed. They. Are. Amazing. This blog sounds unreal, and I can’t wait to try some of her recipes. Since this is the first year I have had to cook for myself, my roommates and I have been trying lots of fun recipes. What is the name of your food blog? I would love to see it!


  3. Sarah,

    Having just taken a bite of my friend’s birthday Momofuku balls, I figured I’d check out your blog post. I love how you rant and rave about this Momofuku blog and casually slip in that you have a food blog of your own. It was awesome reading about how this blog inspired you with your own creation, and I was able to learn more about you from hearing about what you admire. I would love if you could link your food blog and give the readers a taste of what your blogging style is as well. Thanks for sharing!


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