Oh Hello There Hannah!

Hannah Gail Schiff grew up in the always sunny city of Los Angeles, CA. Since birth, Hannah has been brainwashed to attend U of M, as her entire family would sing, “Hail, Hail to Hannah Gail, the baby we adore.” Her conscious love of writing began when she created her own fashion blog in high school. Although she does not post on it anymore, she contributes to numerous fashion publications. Today, Hannah is a junior at the University of Michigan pursuing a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in writing. She splits her time between Ann Arbor and Los Angeles. Living in LA, Hannah has developed a strong love for great sushi and exceptional ice cream. Though most people don’t understand, Hannah hates cheese. The only exception to the rule is pizza- thank goodness because she is studying abroad in Florence next semester!  During Hannah’s free time you can find her cheering-on the Wolverines or watching an episode of Gilmore Girls for the 20th time.




happy as can be holding an ice cream sandwich at a football tailgate


One thought to “Oh Hello There Hannah!”

  1. Hannah, I like that I can really hear your voice in this piece. It has a fun, casual tone that works really well. I am curious why your family was so interested in you attending Michigan, especially since you basically live on the other side of the country. Did your parents both go to U of M? It’s awesome that you took the initiative in high school to create a blog like that. I am also (semi-)interested in fashion, as I am an avid reader of GQ magazine. I don’t think I would necessarily be qualified to talk or give tips about it, though. I’ve never been to LA, but would love to go. Of course there is no place like home, but how do you think Ann Arbor compares to LA? Have you liked living in Michigan the past couple years?

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