The Author’s Bio: A Snapshot of the Person on the Dust Jacket

Maya Kalman best describes herself as “clumsy” and “loud.” She is a staff reporter for the Michigan Daily at The University of Michigan, where she is currently pursuing degrees in political science and writing. Her favorite season is fall. She has a passion for fashion. She is a self-diagnosed insomniac. She is a perpetual New Yorker, despite the fact that she currently resides in Ann Arbor, MI.

Visiting a country fair
Visiting a country fair

2 thoughts to “The Author’s Bio: A Snapshot of the Person on the Dust Jacket”

  1. Maya – a lot of personality comes through in your bio. Snippets like “a self diagnosed insomniac” and “perpetual New Yorker” deliver us facts about you while having your personality shine through. I love that you include your favorite season and picture of you amongst the pumpkins. Your bio is witty and exciting and has a lot of little attributes and fun facts that stick out – great job!

  2. I think my favorite part of your bio is that your voice really shined through the entirety of it. I loved the way you varied your sentence structure by using a few short sentences in a row. I think your picture was also a great choice because it shows your personality while also showing us the interests you mentioned in your post. Great work, Maya!

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