The Only Blog I (Kinda) Follow

I am not a blog enthusiast.

I would say it’s because after I’m finished reading the 4 billion books/articles/plays I need to get through for my classes the last thing I want to do is go online and read a blog, but that’s probably not true. Even if I didn’t have any mandatory reading to do, my leisure reading would not consist of blogs.

The one exception to this rule, however, is The Bloggess.

Jenny Lawson (AKA “The Bloggess”) is weird and quirky in the best of ways. Her blog is successful primarily because she’s so¬†relatable: she isn’t afraid to hide the fact that her anxiety or depression is ruining her day, she posts pictures of herself and her family without it being annoying, and she asks the audience to help her solve debates¬†between her and her husband Victor about if eating powdered sugar makes your mouth feel cold.

Jenny Lawson's book cover
The taxidermy mouse on the cover of her book? Yeah, she owns that. I mean, come on.
[Image from Flikr user stacie tamaki]
Because of this, Jenny has an incredible relationship with her audience, who could either be young or old, male or female, but are certainly just as lovably quirky as she. Jenny responds to audience comments, she asks them silly questions in polls, and many of her posts seem intentionally written so that, just in case someone in the audience needs it, there’s something to make them smile on a bad day.

For me, that makes her blog worth reading.


Brie Winnega

Hey, I'm Brie. I'm an English major who's addicted to reading, writing, and ponytails.

One thought to “The Only Blog I (Kinda) Follow”

  1. Hi Brie!

    I feel like through the past few weeks we’ve been in the same blog group, I’ve gotten to know you as a literary queen. You love reading and have such a contagious optimism about literary work in print. So I totally understand where you’re coming from about being a little hesitant to love reading blogs.

    However, I urge you to give them a shot! As it sounds like you’ve found with the “Bloggess,” many blogs take on a tone of a novelist. Blogs can tell stories, too! I’m looking forward to reading this blog and seeing what it has in store!

    I also urge you to read some blogs that are totally outside of your comfort zone of what you typically read. It can be such a release to read a mindless blog about food, fashion, or everyday activities. I’m curious whether you’ll like these kind of blogs! I even urge you to check out the blog I wrote about, momofukufor2.

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