What Counts as Writing? Calligraphy

The example from”What Counts as Writing?” that interested me most was calligraphy. The idea of calligraphy as writing is interesting to me because it introduces aspects of art and design not usually associated with “writing”. Most of my writing “career” has been spent writing formal essays, and therefore I don’t normally incorporate design into my writing. In other words, my focus with writing is usually involved with the actual words used, as opposed to the way they look or appear. For example, I never really spend too much time thinking about elements like font choice when writing an academic essay. In reality, these design elements to writing are very essential to conveying a message to your audience. Therefore, thinking about calligraphy as writing really opens my eyes to incorporating design in my writing. As I progress though the minor, I will be thinking more about how my writing is presented. In addition to things like word choice and sentence fluency, it’s also important to consider font choice, font size, and presentation style. An extreme example would be to think about what would happen if a professor printed an academic article with a size 20 crayon font. Even though the article’s arguments might be insightful, the design and style of their presentation would undoubtedly affect the writer’s credibility.

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