What it means to be a good writer today.

With everything from tweets to satirical comedy counting as writing today, being a good writer is a more encompassing definition than it ever was. Before the turn of the 20th century, audiences were easier to anticipate because the only major mediums of writing were written books and newspapers. Now that the internet makes writing more accessible to a wider audience, writers have to be more conscience of the wider exposure that their writing will receive.  This means that to be a good writer today, a writer has to be able to write within different mediums (blogs, social media, academic writing) and write in a way that can capture the wide array of audiences that will see everything that is written.

Quinn Skalka

Junior studying EEB and writing. Originally from Battle Creek, the cereal capital of the world. Chicago sports fan. Enjoy longboarding, ultimate frisbee, and reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy series.

One thought to “What it means to be a good writer today.”

  1. You make a really good point about a wider audience for writers nowadays. While I agree that this makes it a bit harder for writers, I also think that a wider audience can give a writer some leeway. There will always be some audience for the type of work a writer wants to produce. It’s interesting to think about how we have to be skilled at so many different forms of writing to be successful now.

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