A Look At Buzzfeed

One part of my early research for Project II has been examining the construction of Buzzfeed articles.  I have basically narrowed down Buzzfeed posts into two categories: articles that come in list form and then classic informative articles. I think that the list format of Buzzfeed articles is very effective. For most of the numbered list posts, there is text as well as a GIF or image accompanying it. Each list varies in length, so I would be able to tailor my article based on how much information I want to include.

A specific post I came across is “13 Things “Hocus Pocus” Taught Us About Having a Healthy Social Life.” I think this post is something I want to try and emulate with my piece. Each reason listed clearly relates back to the movie, but is also generalizable enough that someone who has not seen the movie would understand the point the article is attempting to make. I think that this will be important when constructing my Buzzfeed article. I want my audience to be able to understand what I am talking about even if they are not die- hard Gilmore Girls fans. I’m looking forward to seeing where this project will take me and what other research will come up along the way!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.31.31 PMA screenshot of the title of a list format Buzzfeed post


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  1. Hannah,

    This is sooo great that you found how a disney movie relates to someones social life. I was worried at first about the amount of actual research you would be able to find about the gilmore girls or popular tv in general but this is a great start and evidence that this can truly be a promising project! Keep digging and I think buzzfeed is a great medium of publication. I am having hard time deciding my medium but, nonetheless, this seems perfect for your story! Good luck!

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