Conceptualizing my ePortfolio

I wanted to share some of the thoughts I had about my ePortfolio after completing the “Pitching Your ePort to Your Peers” document in class today. Any questions or suggestions welcome! Please feel free to add your thoughts about your ePorts as well!


Conceptualizing the ePortfolio

I am approaching my ePortfolio as an expanded online resume that specifically focuses on my experiences in writing and media. So for me, the “writing minor” section is one portion of the ePortfolio. The others include “bylines,” which includes links to published writing from my internships and other work, and “WOLV-TV,” which explains the work I’ve done for the campus TV station.

I have structured the section of the “writing minor” tab so that (hopefully!) it takes the reader through the chosen articles in a meaningful, well-thought out way. I start with my “Why I Write” from the gateway course, followed by the developmental essay. These two sections will showcase my writing process. Next, I have the “Remediation Assignment” tab that includes the repurposed and remediated pieces from the gateway course. I want to include these because they shows how I work in different mediums and can conceptualize writing in new ways. The next tab is the “capstone project.” Finally, I conclude with “other writing,” which consists of my ULWR essay and two fiction pieces from a creative writing class.

I think this layout ties things together because within the “writing minor” tab I’ve tried to show two essays about my writing, two projects (one from gateway and one from capstone) that showcase diverse samples of writing, and three “other” pieces to complete my writing portfolio. I am hoping this ties things together. Thoughts? Do y’all think the ePortfolio will make sense? Is it cohesive? 


Because I have chosen to make this ePortfolio an expanded online resume and work showcase, my audience is most likely professional. For example, it could be recruiters or future employers. This has impacted my plan because I want to maintain my voice in the ePortfolio while keeping a professional tone. The layout will be clean and easy to navigate.

Reflective Material

Reflective material will be incorporated into my ePortfolio through my “Why I Write” piece and as a portion of my “Remediation Assignment.” My Capstone Project also has a reflection portion on its separate Wix website. (My ePortfolio is on WordPress.)

Overall Takeaway from my ePortfolio

My hope is that the ePortfolio will showcase me as a person and writer in a way that communicates my unique talents and experiences in an engaging and professional way. I want the reader to get a taste of my personality, but ultimately takeaway my skills and what I’m capable of accomplishing through various types of writing. 

2 thoughts to “Conceptualizing my ePortfolio”

  1. Awesome Elizabeth! I love your plans for your ePortfolio. I agree that if you stay according to your above-mentioned format, your work will be cohesive and thematically linked. This is just some food for thought… think about how you will position your Capstone Project as an academic piece that you can showcase to employers. Your bylines and work from WolvTV is explicitly professional, but I also think it will be important for you to explain how your creative writing assignments have challenged you as a thinker and as a writer. Will your explanations come in the form of reflective material? Great work overall…I’m very excited to see where this all goes.

  2. I like that the portfolio has a professional focus! For me, it’s easier to write things that seem to have a greater meaning other than a grade from a professor. Without that added incentive to complete quality work, I sometimes don’t put my best effort forward. One question I have for the portfolio, however, is whether or not you will tailor the reflective writing to the evaluators or if it will remain more professionally focused. I am trying to manage giving enough reflection and revision so the portfolio is successful in both an academic and a professional sense, and I would love to hear if you’ve come up with a way to do this!


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