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The re-purposing project is upon us. I will admit, I am pretty excited about it. The main reason is because it gives me a chance to go more in depth on a piece of writing that really does make me proud. It is a post from my personal sports blog that I have wanted to expand on for a long time. It’s called “The Curse of Little Brother” and it focuses on the recent history of the Michigan and Michigan State rivalry, and I always felt like it could be a much better article if I had more time and more planning.

What I am hoping to do with this article is something similar to an online article for a magazine. A good example of that would be some of the articles you see on Sports Illustrated  or ESPN. These types of articles have more personal tones and almost seem blog like. These types of articles also tend to have different types of multi-media added to them. In the Sports Illustrated article, there are videos, pictures and a couple of other pieces of media. In ESPN, the main thing you will tend to find in their articles are a lot of hyper-links to different sources of information. Either way, they are both using formats that are mainly unique for online article writing.

The only thing I do wonder is how to keep this paper from being too informational. I want this article to be more engaging to the casual sports fan, which means less statistical information than an article directed at a sports die hard. It should be relatively easy to do that, but that will probably have to come in the editing process because when I write the first draft, I know I probably won’t stop to think about it. Then again, as long as I tell the story I want to tell, I’m sure even the casual fans will enjoy it.


Clarence Stone

A sports fanatic from Detroit Michigan. The moment I put a pencil to paper, I realized that writing was something that I cared about, and I can't wait to become better.

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  1. Hi CJ,

    First of all, I want to mention how excited I am to be in a new blog group with two peers who also have personal blogs! We already have something unique in common, and its been fun to bounce ideas off you guys thus far. I think it also has helped us relate to each other and provide useful feedback in our repurposing projects.

    It sounds like you’ve already done some solid research on potential magazines to feature your article in. They sound pretty similar, so how are you going to distinguish what makes them each unique and which would be a best fit for your piece?

    I like sports, but I am by no means a die-hard fan or sports-obsessed. I think I could be a good springboard if you’re looking for the opinion of someone who would read this article and isn’t that much into sports. That being said, it’s going to be hard to maintain a casual, not too informational tone when much of your article is going to be dedicated to explaining things to non-fans. You may want to insert some narrative to appeal to the more die-hard fans alongside the basic facts for the more basic fans.

    I’m excited to talk to you more in class so we can compare ideas for platforms for our articles. Until then, good luck!

  2. According to your description in class and in this blog post, I think it could be a very interesting topic because it not only talks about sports, but also the stories behind sports teams. I’m not a big sports fan, so I don’t have a lot of credits to discuss about the content that you are going to address, but I do have some suggestions on your questions
    I think to make the article less formal, first person is always a good idea to express your opinions as a huge sports fan. In terms of statistics, they could definitely add to your credibility. What more important is the control of statistics in the article which is to include them in expressions and paragraphs instead of simply inserting graphs and numbers. I consider myself an outsider of sports, so if you consider everyone (not only sports fan) as the audience, I would be a good resources to read your article through a non-sports fan’s perspective.
    I am excited to learn about Michigan sports through your article, and I hope to take this opportunity to inspire myself to be a real sports fan in the future. Good luck!

  3. I’m excited to read your drafts as we move forward with this project because I am very interested in the football program, and athletics as a whole here at the university. While I don’t believe in curses, Hart definitely gave the MSU football program something to rally around. You mention that you want your project to be engaging to everyone, not just sports fans, and I think that the addition of media that you mention is a good way to do that. Pictures, videos, or sound bites from interviews would be a great way to break up any sections that you are worried might be too informational for the casual fan.

    One thing that I would be interested to see in your project is how people outside of Michigan view the relationship between UM/MSU. I will always see MSU as little brother just because of how big a fan I am, but I’m curious to read how Oregon or Alabama fans feel about the rivalry.

    Good luck with the upcoming first draft.

  4. CJ,

    I love that you are continuing the sports theme! Based on your last paper, it is clear that writing about sports is something that you are very passionate about. I think this will shine through in your repurposing project.

    My only concern is that the articles you are using as examples for your project are almost “blog like.” Since the source you are repurposing is a blog, I would just be aware of this so that it doesn’t sound too much like the original. You definitely want your voice to shine through, but an article does differ in style and I would love to see you focus on that. Adding in additional research should help, though, in my opinion with getting away from the “blog like” feel.

    I can definitely relate to your concern of your article being too informational. I am having the same issue with my repurposing project! My suggestion is to add information or research in areas where prior knowledge are key to understanding the facts. For example, if you are referring back to a historical comment about the two schools I would add in a quick reference as to what happened at that point in time. Otherwise, I would try to use as much personal narrative as possible because making your article relatable is what will keep your readers, fans and non-fans alike, interested.

    I hope this helps! Good luck!

  5. I think a good way to engage the casual sports fan is to go into the history behind the rivalry. In a sociology course that I took last year, we watched a documentary on the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry. I’m not sports fanatic, but I found the background explanation of the rivalry compelling. I’m sure that the background of the Michigan/Michigan State rivalry would be equally as interesting to the casual sports fan.

    If your audience is the casual sports fan, it might also be helpful to explain what the more complex statistics mean. Tell the same story, but in a more educational way. It might even be helpful to have periodic “check-ins,” stopping and summarizing what the reader should understand at a certain point to move forward.

    I enjoyed your story-telling approach to a personal narrative in the “Why I Write” assignment, and I am excited to read a research oriented article in your voice.

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