Happyness (Yes, It’s on purpose)


I’m sitting in the chair at the desk in my bedroom, searching through old Facebook messages, trying to discover some practical way to express the oddity that I see in them. I know I want my project to focus on these estranged, yet intriguing messages, but I don’t know how to make anything of them.

The Elliott Smith song (in the link) comes on my iTunes, and I now believe I’ve found my outlet.

This is entirely outside of my realm of confidence, yet I’d be willing to try it out: I’d like to create a sort-of love story from the viewpoint of a 13 year-old kid who feels so much for a girl, yet his emotions are unjustifiable to everyone else because he’s just a kid. My goal is to use direct quotes from the Facebook messages to build the foundation of the dialogue. It will be somewhat humorous, somewhat sad, and ultimately give merit to the things I felt back that, though now they seem so childish and unjustifiable.

Because much of my project involves finding specific messages of Facebook, much of my early research has included looking through these messages. There is one, in particular, that strikes me: I met a girl on a spring break trip with my family one year and the two of us talked constantly (for a few days). I remember feeling a strong, friendly connection to her.

End of conversation.
End of conversation.

That was in 2008. We never finished that discussion when she was done and we never talked again.

I think it will be interesting and challenging to make something positive out of these now-meaningless, then-meaningful messages, and justify these childish thoughts, rather than degrade them.

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