How clever is Twitter?

For the past 10 minutes, I have sat at the Daily looking through Tweets. It dawned upon me the majority of reading I do throughout the day is on Twitter. So I asked myself this question: “Am I becoming less educated because of reading tweets rather than edited prose?” After some quick thinking, I came to the conclusion that I’m not stunting my learning, reading or writing ability in any way by reading an almost disgusting amount of tweets a day.

Rather, I thought tweets are carefully crafted sentences that are restricted to 140 characters. Tweets are to the point and, in a sense, some of the best writing there is. Just because its not in a book, article, magazine, etc., it doesn’t mean the writing is bad. Some magazine articles have word limits of 4,000 words (words, not characters!!!!). That’s a lot of room for jargon and unnecessary language. Instead, on Twitter, you are restricted and it forces the writer to become more creative with word choice.

Just think: writers at the newspaper write stories around 500 words. They then are forced to condense the story in a creative, convincing matter in 140 CHARACTERS. What’s more difficult? I’d bet the answer would surprise you.

Jason Rubinstein

A half-Argentinean sports writer for The Michigan Daily. Previous intern at the New York Daily News. Siracha sauce enthusiast. Avid Chicago Sports fan. Once turned down a bid from AEPi.

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