For those of you have not heard my project 2 idea, I will be writing an NPR article about Fragile-X syndrome (an autism-like disorder) and my research on it. The article will essential be a news article describing the foreseeable cure that was discovered by my lab (the Kwan Lab). I would like to incorporate some personal accounts of Fragile-X that I find online. My intentions for the piece are to make it something that is easy for anyone to read and understand.

I went into this project with the goal of making a RadioLab talk out of it for the third project, but I am having trouble fitting my project into a format that would work for RadioLab. If you are not familiar with RadioLab, it is a radio talk show project by NPR that investigates strange stories and seeks to make worldly conclusions from them. It’s an awesome program.

My main concern for this project is that I am not reaching my full creative potential. I am thinking I may change the format of the piece to make something a bit more unique. If I can find a way to make my project fit the RadioLab format, perhaps I will write the dialogue for a RadioLab show.

Characteristics of Fragile-X
Characteristics of Fragile-X

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