Mapping my Eportfolio

For my portfolio I have decided to go with a new portfolio instead of building off of my gateway portfolio. My choice is not because I do not like my gateway portfolio, but because the design for the gateway does not really work for what I am trying to achieve with my Capstone portfolio.  I am adding a resume and about page just in case I would like to use it for a professional portfolio in the future.   I have chosen to map out my portfolio in this way because of the template that I have chosen to use in wix. I also like the minimalist look of the template that I chose, however with the type of map that I have laid out, a minimalist design could be a problem, but we’ll see when I get more into the designing of the portfolio.



Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 2.36.41 PM


Blake Bambach

I am a senior linguistics major a University of Michigan. I am on the sailing team and a part of a fraternity. I enjoy reading more journalistic type writing mostly and enjoy technical writing.

2 thoughts to “Mapping my Eportfolio”

  1. Blake, I really like your layout. It is simple, clear and easy to navigate for a reader. One of the things I think will be important for you is to figure out the thematic link between each of your pieces. If your audience is for potential employers, you want your work to be cohesive and dynamic. I think with the breadth of your work, your capstone portfolio will be dynamic, but you should work to figure out how the pieces all tie together…and then figure out a way to explain that relationship to your audience. Great job!!

  2. Hi Blake!

    I agree with Carly, this looks good! A few questions: Will you use reflective writing to introduce the developmental essay? This could be helpful for the reader unless you reframe the essay as an introduction to the portfolio. Also, you mention that the design of your Gateway portfolio doesn’t align with what you’re trying to achieve for the Capstone e-portfolio. What is the difference in your purpose between the two? Is it the audience that’s different for the capstone? Also, from the layout it looks like your reflection will come after your artifacts. That’s an interesting concept and I can’t wait to see how it plays out on your Wix page!


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