Narrowing It Down…

Since the project was first mentioned, I expressed to the class that I planned on starting with a piece of writing from my trip to Ethiopia. I have finally decided on starting with my photo blog, Humans of Ethiopia ( I want to repurpose the many individual photos with captions into one fluid personal travel essay to be published on a travel writing website.

The majority of the research I have done thus far has been focused on choosing a website that I could imagine publishing my essay on. This research helped me get a better idea of what all types of travel essays look like, as well as envision my own. I was able to narrow down my selection to three websites:,, and As I continue to read the essays on each of these websites, I am hoping that something will resonate with me and help me choose one.

If anyone knows of a great website where writers submit personal essays from their travels, please share! Perhaps I just haven’t found the right one yet. In the mean time, I am looking forward to reading more incredible stories before I begin to write my own.

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