Pitch Letter

Dear Prospective Publisher,

Everyone has a dream, a passion, an ambition they want to be their career and center of their life, but not everyone goes after it. Some people settle, for less glamorous or more accommodating jobs and lifestyles, and some people push off going after their dreams until it is too late for them but some people go for it. Some people find or know what their “thing” is and make it their world. It’s not easy on either end, to not pursue your thing or to go for it, but the stories can be amazing and it can be inspirational and motivational.

Over the next few weeks I will be interviewing a range of people, from entrepreneurs to store owners to University faculty, and asking “what’s your thing”. What are they passionate about and what makes them get out of bed in the morning everyday excited and most importantly, is that what they are doing? Some answers will be that they aren’t doing it yet and some will be that they gave up a different future for their thing, but every answer will be honest and reflective and make any audience member think about what they are doing now and in their future. This project will come together in the form of a 15-minute podcast, including an introduction, clips of interviews and a reflective passage at the end. In addition to being posted in a podcast form, I will transcribe the interviews and have them available for reading on my website.

The audience of this work will be predominately college seniors, like myself. While the audience is not limited to that group, the project goal is to help seniors think about their future, what they want to do and serve as a reminder to not let their “thing” sit in the backseat for too long. This should be published because the message is important and worth sharing to inspire and motivate others. While it may seem anyone can conduct these interviews or pick people to talk to, this podcast will be special and unique. As a current college senior trying to not only explore job opportunities but also try to find out what my “thing” is, the questions asked and reflection portion will be real and true. Where I am in life not only makes my interest in the project significant, but also the reflective piece can be a real representation of how someone else listening to the podcast will feel. How they would think to interpret the answers in the interview and connect it back to their own life, own passions and picking the career or path that would allow them to go after their “thing”.

This project deserves to be published for others to hear. Too many people get caught up in money or the easy way that they forget their way and what it is that makes them excited to get out of bed in the morning and live their life. This podcast won’t be a motivational speech to tell people to change their life, it will be reflections on how people have or are or want to change theirs and give advice to those who might. The opportunity to hear those experiences and hear me ask the questions that people are sometimes too afraid to ask should not be deprived to anyone because it just might change their outlook on what to do tomorrow.

Attached to this letter is a sample of my project.


Jessica Golden


(a piece of where my inspirational ideas and research will be coming from for the podcast)

Other places I have on my list to be inspired by and conduct my research from are listening to various NPR podcasts, especially popular ones because I want to know what has appealed to the most people. I also plan on looking over my copy of The Outliers, a great book about people who have done things, in my eyes, to the beat of their own drum and become very successful. I think re-reading over those stories will really inspire me with ideas of people to ask to be a part of my project. I also think that TED Talks and Mark & Angel Hack Life (that Shelley recommended) will serve as both inspiration and research for me. I also think that I will be doing some Google searches just on interviews people have done with people like Mark Zuckerburg or other entrepreneurs and see if I can find any college newspapers where students might have interviewed their president or favorite teachers to see what kinds of questions people asked and how direct they were. I hope through these models and additional research that I’ll figure out what questions I want to ask and to who.


Jessica Golden

My name is Jessica Golden and I am an East Coast girl currently stuck in the snowy Midwest at the University of Michigan. I am now a student at Michigan due to tearing my ACL the week before my soccer recruitment and picking a college at whim, but so far it has worked out. I have two older sisters who live in New York City just like I plan too. Living on Long Island for my whole life has been like a bubble, and with no broken bones, no pets and no walks down a red carpet, I definitely feel ready to be a sponge, soak up life and do whatever comes along. Although I have never experienced typical things, like learning to ride a bike or attend sleep away camp, I enjoy finding the weird things in my life and embracing it all. I have lived in a hotel for 7 months (which is nothing like TV makes it seem), am on a quest to spend a day in all 50 states (current count is 26) and managed to sprain my ankle while climbing the Vatican in Rome. While my world is slowly expanding in Ann Arbor, my eyes are still set on returning to the big apple one day and changing the world (for the better) one lawsuit or public policy at a time!

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